My first internship was for the LGBT Center of Raleigh, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. In an effort to raise money for the Center, a brochure called Outguide was created. Outguide provided pro-LGBTIAQP+ businesses a place to advertise, putting them in front of a target audience, while providing LGBTIAQP+ individuals with the knowledge of what businesses in Raleigh were safe, allied, organizations.

One of my tasks was to create a letter to send out to such businesses; offering them prime spots in Outguide. Outguide still is in print today.

Names have been changed or omitted for the privacy of the individuals involved.

Dear Mr. Smith:

Thank you for choosing to be among the first businesses to advertise in our inaugural OutGuide! Your advertisement is a great statement of your commitment to the LGBT community: a community that strongly supports those that support them. We are confident that you will benefit from this visibility.

The publication of the first issue of the OutGuide coincided with the very first OutRaleigh Festival. The festival was a success with thousands of copies of the Outguide distributed among the 6,000 people in attendance. The OutGuide is being made available in businesses throughout the Triangle, including coffeehouses, restaurants, and hotels. The success and enthusiasm surrounding our publication has led us to the decision to run a second issue in the fall, as well as create an online version of the OutGuide, allowing our advertisers to have even more exposure.

Enclosed, you will find two copies of OutGuide, and an early pledge form for our May 2012 issue. We are offering a 10% discount to first time advertisers. By pledging early, you have the opportunity to choose premium placement and secure your space. Return your completed pledge form in the return envelope provided. Please let us know if you would like extra copies of the OutGuide for your establishment; we will be sure to provide them immediately.

Your support is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to continuing to provide great exposure for your business!


B– H–, Executive Director of the LGBT Center of Raleigh