Digital writing portfolio for Ray Howard.

Ray Howard has lived in North Carolina for so long, they’re practically a native. They’re happily enchanted by the state: the slope of the mountains leading down over the winding Piedmont to the ocean, abandoned tobacco shacks rusting away tangled in kudzu, and spectacular southern sunsets. They graduated from Gardner-Webb University in the Winter of 2012 with a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing.

Ray has a special affection for writing horror and is greatly inspired by the works of noted writers like Shirley Jackson, H. P. Lovecraft, and Hawthorne. Currently, Ray is working on a Lovecraftian novel titled Arkham Boy– an excerpt of which can be found here. The story began as a National Novel Writing Month project (NaNoWriMo). Ray also has a backlog of other novels to work on and complete including Americana-flavored Heritage and religion-punk Seinckmiss.

When they’re not seeking out new spooky inspiration, Ray can be found laughing with family, guzzling coffee, haunting the NC Art Museum, and driving as far as their beloved Chevy Spark can take them.

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